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Whole-home dehumidifiers work throughout the entirety of your house, rather than offering a single-room solution.

If you live in or near Taylorsville, North Carolina, you know all about humidity. The moisture in the air is thick, particularly during the summer months, when it feels muggy every time you head outdoors. Having too much moisture in the air within your home is uncomfortable, but it’s also concerning because it can lead to a number of problems. One of the most common problems is mold growth, which is a natural reaction to humidity. While mold found outdoors is generally harmless, having it grow and spread within your space can lead to health problems and other worrisome results. If you have wood furniture or flooring in your space, these materials can also suffer damage when the moisture levels are too high, since warping and cracking are common results when wood gets wet. Moisture in the air may also wreak havoc on electronics and appliances, so it’s important to be aware of your indoor humidity level.

Whole-Home Dehumidifiers in Taylorsville, North Carolina

If you’re concerned about the moisture in your home’s air, our team at Lonon Heating, A/C and Air Quality can take care of the problem. Minor moisture levels can often be combatted with the central air conditioning system, which is designed to remove humidity from the indoor air. But when the level gets too high on a regular basis, you may need a more advanced solution like what you can achieve with whole-home dehumidifiers. Our technicians can assess your moisture level and determine how to take care of the issue on a long-term basis.

One of the best tools we have for this common problem is to install whole-home dehumidifiers, which remove the excess moisture from the air. A dehumidifier works by drawing warm air into its coils through the use of a fan. As the air comes through the refrigerated coils, all condensation remains inside while the drier air can move back out of the unit and into the space.

Whole-home dehumidifiers work throughout the entirety of your house, rather than offering a single-room solution. Since humidity is rarely contained in one part of the home, it’s worth opting for a more comprehensive solution that will protect your space and prevent the issues that come with excess indoor moisture.

If you notice condensation forming on the insides of your windows or glass doors or a muggy, wet feeling in the air, contact us. We’ll perform a thorough assessment of the space to determine the cause of the excess moisture and how to best resolve it going forward. Our technicians can talk to you about the different types of whole-home dehumidifiers and the benefits of each. We’re also happy to answer your questions about humidity and its risks within your living space.

Our company is committed to delivering air quality solutions that benefit our clients. We’re always fully transparent about our findings and recommendations, and we take pride in helping each customer to breathe healthier air. When you’re ready to take the next step in protecting your home’s interior from the harmful effects of excess humidity, don’t hesitate to reach out to us about whole-home dehumidifiers. We can also provide air purification options and other heating and cooling services.

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