Whole-Home Dehumidifiers, Morganton, NC

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Improve your health and comfort with whole-home dehumidifiers

Our community is no stranger to humidity, especially as the temperatures outside rise. High humidity levels can cause large problems in your home. Not only will indoor humidity make you feel hot and sticky, but it can also lead to invasive pest problems, mold and mildew growth, allergy or asthma symptoms, and even structural damage to your home.  If you are noticing that the interior of your home has a high humidity level, you may want to consider a whole-home dehumidifier to reduce those levels throughout your entire home and improve your comfort, health, and safety.

Whole-Home Dehumidifiers in Morganton, North Carolina

Whole-home dehumidifiers are installed directly to your HVAC system and dehumidify the air flowing through your air ducts using a series of cooling and heating coils. This process will remove the moisture from the air and return dry air into your home. This powerful addition can correctly adjust the humidity in every room of your home. A whole-home dehumidifier is the perfect low-maintenance solution to keep your entire home dry, free of mold and pests, and improve your air quality.

When you are ready to add a whole-home dehumidifier to your Morganton, North Carolina home, give us a call at Lonon Heating, A/C and Air Quality. Our experienced technicians can help you explore your options of whole-home dehumidifiers and answer any questions you may have. We can set up an appointment to install your whole-home dehumidifier and walk you through our installation process. Soon your home will  have amazing air quality and will be a cool escape from the high humidity outside.

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