How to Prepare for Your Air Conditioning Replacement Service

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Getting a new air conditioner is exciting! Many times, the decision to get a new or more efficient air conditioner is not made lightly. There is, of course, a budget to consider, the right model and size to choose, and then the installation process itself to schedule. Once you have all the steps in place, it can feel exciting to know that soon you will have an air conditioner that is going to work well for you and your family. Here at Lonon Heating, A/C and Air Quality, we love to help people get their ideal air conditioner. If you know that your air conditioning replacement process is coming up, here are a few things that you can do to make the process better.

How to Prepare for Your Air Conditioning Replacement Service

First, have everything cleaned and cleared up. Clear away any bushes, shrubs or other blockages that may impede the technician from working with your A/C unit. Getting everything possible out of the way and clearing a path to and from the work area can be a great help to speed things along.

Second, please help children and pets to stay out of the way. While we certainly don’t mind the occasional visit of a friendly dog or a child who wants to look at our exciting tools, our work can be dangerous, and we don’t want anyone to get hurt or accidentally get lost if a gate is left open.

Finally, please let us know if you have any questions before we get started with the air conditioning replacement process. We are more than happy to tell you about the unit that you’ve chosen or answer any questions that you might have about ideal operating procedures.

If you have questions for our technicians or would like to learn more about air conditioning replacement for your home, please give us a call today.